Interactive Media II Blog Post III



What I love most about Ikea products is that they are so easy to assemble. The pieces are very simple and are designed as a series of geometric shapes, so that it is almost like using Legos or building blocks like we used as kids.

I think it’s genius how the designers of Ikea products have been able to tap into this child-like intuition regarding basic skill and concept. Their products require no tools, and each product comes as a complete system. This makes Ikea products extremely user friendly.

In addition, Ikea products are also very simple in color. They do not overwhelm consumers with elaborate and intricate patterns, but use a basic color palette, usually in neutral hues. This also contributes to making their products accessible to a larger market.



Uber has great visual aesthetics. It feels rich and trendy, and makes a customer feel cool if they have this app. Even the name sounds hip. However, I have found a few complications when using Uber. First of all, it has an extremely slow server response time. I’m not sure if this is due to my Internet connection, but every time I attempt to load Uber, it takes like a minute of staring at this growing circle. At first I wasn’t’ sure if I was supposed to touch it, and kept poking at the growing circle on my phone. Finally, I was taken to the home page, but I wasn’t sure if it was due to my poking the circle, or the page had finally loaded. (I realized the second time I went to open the app, the circle is just indicating the application is in the process of loading…).

Another problem I had when using Uber was that I couldn’t figure out how to change my location once the “pin” dropped. Because of this I ended up having to find a way to get a hold of my driver directly to let him know of my actual location. This ended up costing me an extra five dollars. I wish there was an option to manually input the pick up location so that I could ensure the correct address.

Overall though, I find this application to be very straight forward and easy to use. I like that Uber shows a photo of the driver, along with their name and vehicle. This makes the user feel a lot safer, and the ride a lot more personal. I also like that there are not a lot of screens to click through to get a ride. Once you open the application it goes directly to the request screen.


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