Interactive Media II Blog Post II



I find the most difficult appliance to understand is the microwave. All microwaves have different command sequences to achieve a required result, and unless you read the manual, the sequences are not always obvious. The first microwave I owned, you had to press “1”, “start”, cooking time, “start”, to get the microwave to work. The next microwave I had you could just press “1”, for a cooking time of one minute.

Microwave buttons are not universal and make operating them difficult, especially if you are accustomed to a specific microwave sequence. There should be a standard operation sequence for microwaves that eliminates complicated and unnecessary button presses. However, like most people, I solve this problem by simply pressing buttons until I can at least get the microwave to start.



I am obsessed with this game on my phone called WordBrain. It is kind of like a word search, but for specific words previously decided for you. The game is set up as a series of lettered blocks, and the combination of blocks get larger as you complete each level.

The format of this game is very well done. The first thing the game does is explain how to play, with a short demo, then leads you into the first level. The screen with the levels shows up, and allows you to see how many levels are there, and which ones you have already completed, or are currently working on. You then select which level you want to play and begin the game. Each level has an animal name, and a cute icon associated with it.

Everything is very clear and concise, and there are no pop-ups or ads you have to click out of. The color palette is consistent throughout, and does a good job of highlighting what is available for clicking, and what is important for the user to click to achieve a desired result.


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