Just A Thought About Choices

What is it about what we choose, and why do we choose it? Why are we so afraid of squares, but open to circles? Think about getting a package in the mail. We are so frightened that it means bad things. Think about fish in a tank. They are happiest in a round place. We are afraid of areas that have multiple openings. Multiple places of escape and entry. In a circular place there are two openings. The top and bottom. The rest is free. We only have to worry about two locations. In a square we have to worry about every corner. Each vertex is an arena of entry; a location where water can leak, an opening where outside forces can penetrate. Vertices create tension. Think about how the world is a sphere. It is endless. We are only free above and below, heaven or hell. There is no other sides or corners of life to fear. Just the end or the beginning. Just two. Not more.

When objects are rounded they comfort us. Apps on a phone have rounded edges, not sharp points. Pillows, doorknobs, fingertips, facial features, bones…these rounded objects don’t indicate fear. A witches pointed nose, a knife, a blade, an edge, a cliff, pointed teeth…these signal fear. We are preconditioned to feel comforted by rounded objects, intrigued and feared by sharpers ones, and confused by the combination of the two. How does this information figure into our day-to-day decisions? How does this factor into our choice about products?


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