Unsuccessful Branding

Unfortunately, the company I am choosing to write about for my blog entry on poor branding, is the company I work for; Fitness 19. Fitness 19 is an affordable chain of gyms and their branding is stale and outdated. Their gym name is their logo, and their branding colors are red, black, white and grey. The logo does not do anything aesthetically to draw in the viewer or entice potential customer. It has an uppercase initial letter, and then the rest of the name is in small caps. There is also a 19 in a circle at the end, which does not seem to have any relevance to the gym itself, or fitness, and underneath the word fitness is a strange stretched rectangle-like shape.

There does not seem to be a clear brand identity, and there is nothing inventive or unique to their logo. However, I do think it was smart of the company to choose red for their signature brand color. Red signifies power, physical activity, and energy; all adjectives which describe fitness and going to the gym.



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