Interactive Media II Post I

One device I have always had a unique user experience with is the Xfinity remote control. The remote control is color coordinated, using red for the most commonly used controls, white for the second most used controls, dark grey for the next most used controls, and black for the least used controls. However, the icons on the remote are not intuitive to a first time user. In order to activate the controls for the correct device, the user has to first select at the top of the remote the device they are using. Then the controls, but only the ones that are specifically for said device, will activate. When in a specified device mode, other controls will not work on the device. For example, the arrow keys in the middle of the remote, which you would think would be used for directional purposes in any mode, are only for the “TV” mode, and are not active in “AUX” mode. In addition, controls such as volume, cannot be used in “AUX” mode. One thing that the design of the remote does do to accommodate this though, is have the mode button light up to indicate which mode you need to be in, in order to use that control.


On my phone, I have always struggled with the application Instagram. For the longest time, I didn’t understand how to upload a picture, and what it meant to create a “filter.” There is no “homepage,” that provides an anchor point for the user, and if you are not familiar with Twitter, the #words, would be unclear as to why they are a different color and what the purpose of the link is. The icons located at the base of the page are extremely simple, and yet not self-explanatory to a first time user. The site itself is very easy to navigate and provides direct click-through, but there is nothing aesthetically innovative about its design.



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