Branding Across Multiple Platforms

One of my favorite new companies is Krista’s Baking Company. She is a Seattle based entrepreneur that sells pre-packaged, artisan, DIY baked goods. Her products can be found at: What I love most about her company is the way she has branded her goods. I like the simplicity of the design, and that she has a clear color pallet that shows through even in the photographs she chooses to use. Her company feels fresh, due to the simple design aesthetic that emphasizes the use of white space, yet there is a complexity in her choice of design concepts. She combines both serif and san-serif fonts in her companies name, and uses an overlapping a symbol that makes her companies entire name a logo in itself.

There are a few things I think she could improve, such as overuse of centered type, and several orphans I found while exploring her website. However, knowing that she has no formal design training, overall, I think the design aesthetic of the brand she has developed is very appealing to a large audience, and she has done a good job of honing in on her target audience; a more high-end, trendy, environmentally conscientious consumer.

Here are some photographs from her website of her brand used several ways: in packaging, on clothing, and in photographs of herself baking.

krista Krista_1 Krista_3 Krista_4 Krista_5


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